Posted by Ada Coddington

What’s wrong with these people?!

We are referring, of course, to Mitch McConnell & Co’s ostentatious visit to Kiev this weekend.

With the sad-sack Senate Republican leadership in tow, the bejowled political hack who leads the ostensible “opposition” party provided still another unwarranted boost to the dangerous megalomaniac pictured at the center of the photo below.

The fact is, Zelensky would rather shame the west into precipitating WWIII than own up to the fact that the aggressive anti-Russian actions of his own government fostered the calamity that now besets his country. Those foolish actions include his pledges to forcibly take back Crimea, join NATO, and re-acquire nukes – along with the launch, before Russia’s February 24th invasion, of an all-out offensive against the Russian-speakers of the Donbas.

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