Posted by Ada Coddington


ViewAsPDF2.jpgWith attention so heavily focused on the Russia-Ukraine war, the second anniversary of the outbreak of the Covid epidemic in the West passed without much public notice.The geopolitical consequences of the global rupture between America’s NATO alliance and Russia may be enormous, perhaps heralding the end of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But most of this still lies in the realm of mere possibility, while for two years Covid has already disrupted the daily lives of many billions around the world and reshaped economies. Total casualties in the Ukraine conflict are probably still in the low tens of thousands, but according to the Economist, excess deaths worldwide due to Covid may have already reached twenty million, with the U.S. share of that total possibly exceeding 1.3 million. If well over a million Americans have died either directly or indirectly from Covid, determining whether the cause was natural or man-made remains an important question to answer.


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