Posted by Ada Coddington

Joe Biden knows there’s a border surge coming. He’s expected to drop Title 42 COVID restrictions on illegal entrants as of May 23 and the human waves are expected to at least double from what was seen last year.

Some two to three million illegal border crossers are forecast to make landfall in the United States and with no fear of deportation, and establish themselves here permanently. Right now, in just one Texas corridor, at Eagle Pass, some 7,000 illegal border crossers from 157 countries are rolling through daily. That number is expected to soar to 18,000 a day once Title 42 is gone. Democrats in those affected districts are alarmed and asking Biden not to do it. The coming surge is to make the past surges look like play waves in the kiddie pool.

Biden knows they are coming has no intention of enforcing U.S. border law, or even trying to stop it.


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