Posted by Ada Coddington

The wave of Afghans entering Europe is the result of activists, NGOs, and their media allies blurring the borders between nations and the line between asylum seeker and immigrant.

Afghan migrants rest while waiting for transport by smugglers after crossing the Iran-Turkish border on August 15, 2021 in Tatvan, on the western shores of Lake Van, eastern Turkey. The latest chaos in Afghanistan sparked by the recent gains of territory by the Taliban including the takeover of the capital Kabul has raised fresh alarm over an influx of migrants into Turkey through the Iranian border. (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

An item on the front page of the New York Times this week told a harrowing tale: of Afghan migrants trekking 1,400 miles across the width of Iran to escape the Taliban—only to be “pushed back” by a “harsh and unfriendly” Turkish government. Thereporting made for a painful read. It was also utterly misleading, bearing the hallmarks of the ongoing effort to normalize porous borders and irregular migration westward.


Summary Via R3publicans: https://R3publican.Wordpress.Com