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Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Jack Phillips shares his faith and journey into the culture war in a new memoir, even as he still faces legal challenges.

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The Cost of My Faith: How a Decision in My Cake Shop Took Me to the Supreme Courtby Jack Phillips (Salem Books: 2021), 256 pages.

Three years after securing a landmark victory for religious liberty at the U.S. Supreme Court, on June 15 baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop was ordered to pay a fine by a Denver County Court for declining to bake a cake celebrating a customer’s sex change. It did not matter that the plaintiff, Autumn Scardina, was targeting Phillips for his religious beliefs, or that Phillips has spent nearly a decade fighting the LGBT activists trying to destroy his life. Once again, Phillips found that his faith was a flashpoint in the fight between conscience rights and so-called sexual freedom.

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