Posted by Greg Mathers for R3publicans 

Have you noticed that it seems the higher someone has risen in our corporate/political system the harder it is for them to change? Their world view has enabled them to succeed in this system and they have reaped the rewards of that same system. So with that understanding I think you can see how it may be hard for them to change their world view? So in order to keep their self respect once they change their world view, they would have to disrupt that very system that they benefit from. I mean it is either that they are willfully blind to some truths or they have sold their sole to Satan and will do anything to get ahead. Those that are in the former group, i.e. willfully blind, are now waking up and can no longer ignore many of the truths that they now see. Here is one person that chose to disrupt the system that enabled her to succeed and have “The Good Life”.

Of course that is James O’keefe with Ivory Hecker
I still don’t think she is totally “Awake”, but it comes in steps.

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