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What if I were to tell you that there is an antidote for just about anything that ails you? Doesn’the pharmaceutical companies have a different medication for just about any illness? If there was such a medication wouldn’t the pharmaceutical companies be supplying it? What if this miracle drug was very inexpensive, would Big Pharma still offer it?

Some of you may know that I took Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2, CDS or MMS) when I had what appeared to be CV19? I need to qualify that statement because even though I had many of the symptoms, I did not test for it. The PCR test has shown to be extremely inaccurate so I figured what was the point?

A friend put up this video on a Signal Tea Party group I am in and I thought it was worth posting. It is nearly 1 hour and 50 minutes long, but isn’t it worth that amount of time to learn about such an inexpensive, safe drug, that you can keep on your shelf and that can possibly cure almost everything? You may think this is hyperbole, and extreme exaggeration, but I suggest you check it out.

Please note that following the Rumble video in the accompanying text at the bottom there are multiple links including a link to a PDF file with more information.


Along the lines of the first video is a much shorter video that explains CLO2 from an industrial disinfectant perspective, and it explains how it works.

Andreas Kalker and Jim Humble in my opinion are the real heros of the CDS story. Here is Dr. Andreas Kalker’s website. In it he explains how to make CDS.

Here he explains how to make CDS.

Finally here is Kerri Rivera’s site where she has “recovered” over 1600 children with autism using CDS. So if you know of any family touched by autism send them to Kerri’s site.

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