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Have you ever wondered how these “horrible people” do these mass shootings?

If you follow the stories there are usually reports that these people are on psychotropic drugs and in care of a psychiatrist..

Here are a few pictures of these people.

James Eagan Holmes

Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook Shooting)

Timothy McVey

Reginald Wallace

DeWayne Gradock

Conner Stephen Betts

Patrick Wood Crusius

Did you notice their expression? Isn’t it like “the lights are on, but nobody is home”?

What if there was some sort of mind control over these people?

Take Adam Lanza for instance:

The official story is the he carried 2 riffles and 1 handgun into Sandy Hook elementary school and killed 26 people (20 children).

None survived and they were all pronounced dead inside the school, what are the chances in that?

None of the people were placed in triage or went to the hospital before being pronounced dead, is that normal?

Look at Adam Lanza, does he look like he could kill 26 people carrying 2 riffles and a handgun? Seems very heavy and awkward to me.

As small as he was with all that equipment it seems there would have been a time that someone would have rushed him and taken his gun, but it didn’t happen.

There are many oddities in the story such as the coroner giggling when talking to the reporters or the parents smiling before an interview then putting on a sad face when the camera is rolling.

I’ve noticed a few other things as well like the same picture over and over like it was what the publicists want the public to see.

What if these people were just pawns in a game to influence the public’s reaction, to scare you into supporting gun control, or more government power to “protect you”.

Some people believe (me included) that most of the mass shootings and other horrible events (such as pandemics and terrorist attacts) are created to sway public opinion or manipulate the public and the little people that are accused are “scape goats”.

Rahm Emanuel was famous for saying:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

What if the world was controlled by Socialpaths?
I could go on and on about this but I suggest you look up:

“Operation Mockingbird”, “MKUltra”, “False Flags And The Hegelian Dialectic” in

Here are the results I came up with:

Remember that sites like Wikipedia and Snopes are often funded by the CIA and other 3 letter agencies.

This may get you a little further down the “rabbit hole” of truth.


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