[title The Deep State Thwarted Trump’s Afghanistan Withdrawal]

Posted by Ada Coddington for R3publicansl

Donald Trump wanted to bring American troops home, but Washington’s perpetual war lobby dug deep to defeat him, and us.


President Donald J. Trump participates in a Memorial Day Ceremony | May 28, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian, public domain)

To his credit, President Joe Biden decided to pull American troops out of Afghanistan by September. However, theyaren’t out yet. And President Donald Trump’s struggle against his own staff and the military brass demonstrates the power of Washington, D.C.’s war lobby. If there is conflict anywhere in the world, the latter wants America in it.

Indeed, Trump’s presidency highlighted the breadth and depth of what is commonly called the deep state. He stood almost alone within the Beltway in seeking to end what he knew was a foolish military enterprise. And not just in Afghanistan.

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