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Freedom Conference

Clay Clark is the guest of the “Flyover Conservatives” show.

Clay is a radio show host in located in Tulsa Oklahoma and has created numerous businesses including the “Thrivetime Show”.

You will realize early on in this video that Clay has a Christian perspective on things and an abundance of energy.

On April 16th and 17th there will be a Freedom Conference organized by Clay with speakers likeJim Caviezel, Mike Flynn, Sydney Powell, Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, Mike Adams, Dr. Simone Gold. Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, Charlene Bollinger, Patrick Burne, and many more (I’ve listed less than half). There were over 50,000 people requesting ticket to the event, but only 4500 seats. I was one of the fortunate persons acquiring a ticket. There are no more tickets available, but this event will be available on line, both live streaming and recorded video. All information is in this video and on their sites. Please spread this newsletter to all the people you know.

I believe you will find this video both entertaining and informative.

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