Kill millions in concentration camps and they’ll call you a monster. Kill millions with bombs and they’ll call you a moderate.

A species that is hurtling toward extinction has no business promoting slow incremental change.

Claiming a country attacked America’s democracy is like claiming they attacked America’s leprechauns.

America has slaughtered millions of human beings since 9/11 to facilitate global domination and the people who live there are saying this election is unique because this president is actually bad.

The only way to believe Trump is uniquely evil as a president is to believe that American lives matter far, far more than non-American lives. To believe it, you have to be an American supremacist.

Prediction: “We’ll elect Biden and then hold him to account” proves even more bogus than “We can promote Russiagate and advance progressive agendas at the same time”.

It’s crazy how Obama intervened in the Democratic primary to install a lifelong warmongering corporate whore who can’t think or talk and when he loses they’re gonna blame it on Ryan Knight.


summary via R3publicans: