I am going to tell you a story about my awakening and my present world view. I just want to say that I am a Christian and everything I have learned only strengthened my bond with Jesus and that He is ultimately our only hope.The following story has a lot of “rabbit trails” that you can follow, so pick a few and see if it matches your world view.

At some point over 20 years ago I watched a video based on a book titled “The Creature from Jekyll Island“. This was just a man, G Edward Griffin, explaining how the Federal Reserve was created and that it was not “Federal” nor does it have any “reserves”. At the time it was considered a fringe “conspiracy theory” and it seemed I could not get anyone to listen. That opened up a door in my brain to question other things.

A few years later on 9/11/2001 I was in the middle of my career with Lockheed Martin. When the towers were hit on 9/11 I watched it unfold from my place of work and did not question the official narrative. A couple of years later I came across a video explaining that the official narrative could not be correct and they showed a lot of evidence that in my mind made a lot of sense. This was not baseless accusations, but hard facts that spoke to the engineer in me. Facts like a third World Trade Tower fell and was not hit by an aircraft and that all three towers fell at free fall speed and all collapsed straight in their own footprint but originally had asymmetric damage. Then it was a few people questioning the official story, today we have over 3000 Architects and Engineers to show us that the official story is wrong. They even put out a video explaining much of the physics that show the inconsistencies of the official story.

Now I had two major narratives that shape peoples world views that were blatantly wrong. What is going on? It seems to me that if we had an honest press a couple of Main Stream Media (MSM) reporters would ask some hard questions that might shed some light on these narratives. Even leftist reporters should have asked questions about the 9/11 attacks since it was George Bush that was in charge at the time. It was as if the MSM was all acting in unison to help bring about the One World Government. My only conclusion was this had to be bigger than just the right/left philosophy. Over time I could see that 9/11 was used to mold our society into what the Globalist wanted, more government control with less power to the individual. I could see that the TSA/Homeland security now had a tight grip on transportation and other aspects of our lives. It also gave us an excuse to be more militarily involved in the Middle East and have troops stationed all over the world.

I was a big Ron Paul fan and could see the Main Stream Media doing everything they could to ignore, misrepresent, and denigrate Ron Paul.


I was involved as a delegate and went to Oklahoma City to support Paul over Romney. I could see all the dirty tricks and win at all costs the establishment Romney camp played. It made me skeptical that any non-establishment candidate could ever win. It made me wonder why the MSM would not give Ron Paul a voice when it would seem they would want more division in the Republican Party.

Over time I could see that most of the mass shootings had holes in their respective official stories and I came to the conclusion that most, if not all of these, were “false flags”. These false flags were being used to persuade us to relinquish our 2nd amendment rights to gun ownership and to create more laws to govern our lives.

Jump to the last few years starting with the Trump candidacy I was pretty skeptical and believed Trump was probably another “Romney” put in place to not really give us a choice but to force us to choose one of two establishment candidates. I knew for sure I didn’t want Hillary as president so I held my nose and voted for Donald Trump. At the time I didn’t know about the speech Trump made that is called “The Speech that will get Trump Elected”. Had I seen that speech I would have been less skeptical.

When Donald Trump became president it stirred up a hornets nest of push back from the establishment. The Main Stream Press could not have a single thing good to say about President Trump, so at that time my skepticism started to melt. I figured if the MSM is so hard set against President Trump he must be my man.

Since the hornets nest was stirred against Trump, the people explaining the phenomenon also increased. I think at that time I put most of the pieces together and it goes right back to the biblical fight of good against evil. The top people in control of this world are Luciferians (i.e. Satan worshipers). The people really in control are people like the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, etc. That doesn’t mean that all people with those last names are evil, but many people at the top have these last names. These people are eugenicists and would like to eliminate a good portion of the world’s population, but of course they wouldn’t include themselves to be eliminated. Check out the Georgia Guidestones. Recently a phenomenon called the Q movement popped up to expose and help eliminate this corruption. There is even a video called “Q – The Plan To Save The World” that explains this phenomenon.

So today we have a pandemic caused by a virus. Bill Gates just happens to have a patent on a virus similar to the virus causing the pandemic and he also is one of the advocates pushing the vaccine to “cure” it. Meanwhile there is a drug that has been used for over 70 years that many countries have turned to with fantastic results. Over 90% of the people treated with Hydroxychloroquine, Zpack, and Zinc recover, all are very inexpensive. Why is the Main Stream Media, the Democrats, and some establishment “conservatives” rejecting this proven drug saying it is dangerous? It seems almost as though the MSM is controlled and have an agenda. Why else would not more journalists ask some probing questions?

Recently I posted a video and short article (What was the globalist plan before it was interrupted) explaining an even more sinister plan that through a sequence of fortuitous events was mostly thwarted. We would have had not only a pandemic but pandemonium throughout the world with chaos, famine, and much greater death tolls, a eugenicist dream. It is almost as though God looked down and had mercy on His people to stop this evil plan. Do you think President Trump is part of God’s plan? Although none of us are perfect, including President Trump, I think perhaps he is being used by God. At least I hope so.

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