Cities are cramped, sprawling suburbs are a dead end. That leaves two places well equipped for uncertain times.


The Covid-19 corona virus has suddenly accelerated two momentous historical trends long lurking in the background of everyday life, but generally taken for granted until the crisis forced these issues: the end of globalism as we knew it the past three decades and the unwinding of the financialized economy, with all its dodges, swindles, scams, ruses, and rackets. As I write in the mid-lockdown phase of this weird pandemic event, Americans are mostly shell-shocked at the prospect of their massive personal losses: jobs, businesses, projects, whole professions, incomes, savings, retirement funds, homes, cars, chattels, social status—really all the terms of modern existence are getting jettisoned from our daily reality, like so much high-tech trash from a spacecraft journeying into the unknown.


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