Trump-Pompeo foreign policy is not only incoherent, it is insane


President Bill Clinton once launched a mini-cruise-missile-war on targets in Sudan and Afghanistan to serve as a distraction from the Monica Lewinski scandal. It must be considered that Donald Trump might be doing something similar within the context of his currently ongoing impeachment crisis, but the back story to the two developments is somewhat different. Clinton may have been a serial philanderer but he appears to have had no particular animus against either the Sudanese or the Afghans. Donald Trump, however, has expressed unrelenting hostility against Iran since the time when he took office. One of his first acts was to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which placed limits on Iranian nuclear programs so as to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon, and since that time sanctions have been added to cripple the Iranian economy.


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