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Trump and Those Pesky “Debunked Conspiracy Theories”

The party of debunked conspiracy theories is trying desperately to keep us from delving into the real conspiracy evidence involving Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Russia, and Ukraine.

The Democrats and their radical, anti-Trump allies in Big Media held the nation captive for the past three years while they flogged a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump had colluded with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. They crippled the new administration as much as they possibly could, wasting time, energy, and resources that should have gone toward fixing real problems. The American people were repeatedly promised “smoking gun” evidence proving President Trump’s guilt in the supposed Russian conspiracy. Did they deliver? Not even close. Intensive, extensive, expensive congressional investigations and media sleuthing failed to turn up anything substantive. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Trump-Russia conspiracy theory debunked.

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