Why does the Deep State hate President Trump?
Is it because the Democrats didn’t like the 2016 election?
Why are they so determined to destroy Trump even if it also destroys the US Republic?
Perhaps this video gives us a clue.

So I believe the Deep State is determined to retain power no matter what it costs. Because of all their previous crimes they are in danger of not only losing their power, but they are danger of going to prison.

What crimes?

There are so many it is well beyond this article but I could mention a few.

9/11 did not happen as according to the official story. Why do I say that? Well I tend to believe over 3000 Architects & Engineers over what a few bureaucrats say. If you want to see what I am alluding to see for yourself. Go to

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Or you can look at Obama’s and Holder’s

Operation Fast and Furious

Or Hillary Clinton’s

Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation

So if we had equal justice under the law many people would go to prison for these crimes.

President Trump has a lot of work to do.

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