Send Thanksgiving Greetings to Chelsea Manning, Heroic Whistleblower In Jail

Working with Wikileaks almost a decade ago, Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning provided some of the most damning revelations on U.S. foreign policy and military atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump’s Justice Department indicted Wikileaks’ mastermind Julian Assange on 17 counts of espionage. The feds arm-twisted Manning to testify against Assange, who is apparently suffering like hell while locked up in a British prison while his lawyers fight extradition to the United States (his chances of a fair trial here are slim and none). When Manning refused to testify to a grand jury, a judge slapped her with an 18 month jail sentence and a $1000 a day fine. Manning is in federal lockup in Alexandria, Virginia and could be locked up for most of the next year. But, as Manning told the judge, “”I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion” on testifying.


summary via R3publicans: [end]