My own two cents for Trump is this… keep out of foreign wars, seek to de-escalate conflicts everywhere, by they more or less kinetic or trade-based [special emphasis on Venezuela], and stop surrounding yourself with the swamp dwellers on the right.



In a recent interview on Infowars, veteran of ten republican presidential campaigns and top political analyst Roger Stone shared part of his wisdom with the president and his supporters. Stone advised the president to take the impeachment process very seriously, to demand total transparency, to stay focus on those states with shaky republican senators – for in those places the impeachment fight will be won or lost. Stone emphasized that the biggest problem to Trump’s reelection is the overconfidence of his supporters. Stone picked Trump as the toughest politician he’s ever worked for [Nixon and Dole being part of his resume], insisting that Trump didn’t become POTUS for himself, but for “us,” meaning the American people. He insists Trump is the only thing standing against the Globalists and their duopoly in the United States.


summary via R3publicans: