Everyone wonders whether President Trump is going to end up embroiling the United States in a war with Iran. He himself has said that he is “locked and loaded” for such a war, meaning that he is ready at a moment’s notice to order his army to begin bombing the country.


The reality is that Trump has been waging war against Iran throughout his presidency. His war consists of economic sanctions, whose aim is to impoverish and inflict death on the Iranian populace, including children and seniors, as a way to bend Iran’s regime to his will or to have it ousted from power and replaced by a pro-U.S. regime.

Many Americans don’t think of sanctions as weaponry of war. That’s because they seem so benign. After all, they are just rules and regulations. What’s the big deal, right? No bombs are dropping. No troops are invading and occupying Iran. No shootings. No torture. No Abu Ghraibs. Just economic regulations that are blindly and brutally enforced by Trump’s loyal bureaucratic personnel within the federal government, both civilian and military.

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