Have you noticed the skies have been much clearer lately? It has been reported all over the US that the “ChemTrails” have disappeared and the Trump “White Hats” have taken control. In case you aren’t familiar with the term “ChemTrails” or Geo-Engineering Trails let’s define terms.

Here are three pictures of normal “ConTrails” or condensation trails:

Now compare that with “ChemTrails” or Chemical Trails or Geo-Engineering Trails.

Notice the difference? The ConTrails dissipate and the ChemTrails persist. In fact if you see some skies like the above right one and you take the time to watch what happens you will find that the trails get bigger and bigger while getting slightly lighter until the whole sky is hazy.

Why does it matter? Well it is a lot harder to predict the weather if you are no longer controlling it and God is back in control. Man, doing Satan’s bidding, wants to control everything that was once God’s venue.

Another example would be bio-Engineered crops, but I digress. So now that man is no longer controlling the weather with ChemTrails the weather reports are suddenly less accurate. Have you noticed that?

Is weather modification the only purpose for ChemTrails? Not only are they spraying the skies, but all those particulates eventually come down and we breathe them. So what are we breathing? If you believe the next video then you may want to pick up a box of Borax.

Of course it may not matter any longer if the White Hats are in charge and ChemTrails are never again to be seen. Hopefully that will be the case and we can worry about other things like how did Jeffrey Epstein really die or why the Main Stream Media constantly lies to us.

However if you do see these type of ChemTrails again you will know what you are actually looking at.

You can find a lot more information at Geo-Engineering Watch.

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