Washington Watcher II


President Donald Trump responded to the El Paso and Dayton shootings in the worst way possible. He called for gun control, the death penalty for “hate crimes,” and more tech censorship. It’s a plan Kamala Harris would envy and if implemented, would let the federal government silence Trump voters on social media and take their guns. Trump also speculated that his plan should be paired with “immigration reform”—a term he left undefined, but conventionally used to mean Amnesty. Instead of defending his supporters or shifting the focus onto the Antifa Dayton shooter, he capitulated to the Main Stream Media narrative. He received no credit and Democrats and journalists continue to blame the president for the El Paso massacre (and some even for Dayton). The president’s disastrous response was one of the lowest points of his presidency and it may cost him re-election.printer_famfamfam.gif

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