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Nothing’s Happening! — NOT

Today I am posting three videos. The title “Nothing’s Happening” was of course a bit sarcastic for those that believe everything is unchanging and the “Elite” will continue to break the laws with immunity. All three videos are pointing to a lot of activity in our justice system to take out the Pedophile Luciferian Deep State Cabal.

The first video was posted by “Where We Go 1 We Go All” and doesn’t give his real name. He goes at pace neck speed with example after example of his various points on how the Deep State is being dismantled.

The second video is by Lori Colley and concentrates on the prosecution of pedophiles. She goes into both the Keith Raniere and Jeffery Epstein  cases. Keith Raniere was head of NXIVM which was a Sex Cult/Pyramid scheme. Jeffery Epstein is a billionaire that has a private island “Little St. James” or “Orgy Island” which he invites powerful people and women, many under age, to have sex. Listen to Lori for more details.


The last video is by “The Praying Medic”. He concentrates on Q decodes and explains Epstein’s legal situation and why the government can prosecute him again.


Finally here are a few “Q Drops” of interest. Go here to see all the drops.

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