I’m being shadowbanned on Twitter and I thought I would explain what is shadowbanning, who is being shadowbanned, and how to tell if you are shadowbanned.

Shadowbanning is a way to shut off your voice on Twitter while making it appear to you that your Tweets are being seen by other Twitter users.

For reference the icon on my tweets are the yellow circle face here.

First of all it seems conservative Christians and supporters of President Trump are mostly the ones targeted to being shadowbanned and I fit into that category. Secondly I haven’t been getting any comments or likes on my original Tweets when I was getting quite a few so that made me suspect I was being shadowbanned. So how do I prove to myself that I am being shadowbanned? First here is a screenshot of two replies I made to a tweet that President made looking at it while signed into my account. The first reply is just a comment of support and the second reply is a link to a YouTube #walkaway video.

As you can see when I am logged in it appears like my tweets are being seen by other Twitter users.

So what I did was copy the URL in the address field and opened a new “private” window. By opening a private window Twitter doesn’t know it is me and displays what other users see. So this next screenshot is of the same Tweet by President Trump but looking at it in a new private window.

Notice Donald Trumps tweet is there and the tweet immediately after mine is there, but my tweets are missing. I believe that Twitter is probably shadowbanning thousands of Trump supporters and making a false impression that Trump has more detractors than supporters.

summary via R3publicans