I was on Twitter today looking at “tweets”. Here is the latest from a person calling himself “Stealth Jeff” with a handle of “@drawandstrike”. He claims to be Jeff Sessions and he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt it.  Here are some of his latest Tweets that indicate what is happening with the “Russian Collusion” investigation and how it will effect President Trump. Each paragraph is a separate “tweet” that make up a “thread”.

Apparently several people in my mentions think the coup is STILL underway. Like, Trump could be toppled any minute by these devious plotters. You know, everybody we spent the last year watching being fired, exposed and investigated. I’m clearly wasting my time on Twitter.

I understand people are impatient for indictments. They want to move beyond firings, exposing, investigating, they want the end game NOW. This thing is going to happen on it’s own time table. Crying about it won’t speed it up.

But if you’re seriously thinking Trump’s in danger of being taken out by Bob Mueller, you have no idea of the entire Keystone Kops atmosphere his entire investigation has descended into over the past few months.

Mueller’s team has totally botched that PR stunt of indicting a bunch of Russians supposedly operating a troll farm. One of the Russians actually showed up and filed for discovery, catching the Mueller team flat footed.

Then there’s the Flynn case, where Mueller’s team just asked for ANOTHER delay, after being granted two 90 day delays in a row. Now they want 60 more days. For what? Well they won’t say. So Judge Sullivan has set a court date on Tuesday so they can enlighten him.

If you’ll recall, Flynn pleaded guilty on Dec. 1, 2017. That was…well lessee here…..over seven months ago. With a guilty plea in hand, why is it taking seven months to set a court date for the sentencing? “Well Flynn is cooperating” we’re told.

And we’re told it’s taking all this time for Flynn to spill his guts about all the Russian collusion he was participating in as a member of Trump’s campaign team. Seven months later supposedly Mueller’s team is still taking dictation or something about all that sweet collusion.

Let me tell you what’s really been going on and why the Mueller team is presently scared spitless and can’t move forward on this case and keeps filing for delay after delay. The reason is simple. His name is Peter Strzok.

His name is Peter Strzok and after being the lead agent in the investigation of Flynn’s phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Kislyak, the guy who handled the interview of Flynn and who’s 302 report of that interview is the basis for this perjury charge.…

Strzok then JOINED MUELLER’S TEAM when it was first formed. Which means he was on it and played an instrumental role in the filing of this perjury charge against Flynn. Shortly after joining the team, Strzok was yanked off of it and sent to the FBI Human Resources Dept.

Despite the fact the key agent in charge of the Flynn case, who handled the interviews & upon who’s 302 interview form the perjury charge was made, was removed from Mueller’s team after DOJ IG Horowitz alerted Rod Rosenstein to serious issues regarding his conduct..…

…Mueller’s team stupidly decided to press forward with this perjury charge. Until they made their Russian troll farm indictment, Flynn’s case was the ONLY case Mueller filed having any kind of Russian connection. Flynn was being interviewed about talking to a Russian

Despite the fact TRANSCRIPTS of the conversation with Kislyak existed, and that the FBI itself cleared Flynn of any wrongdoing after reviewing those transcripts before Strzok ever showed up to interview the General, several months later somebody decided to file a perjury charge.

How incompetent are these people? Both Comey & McCabe are on record telling members of Congress the 2 FBI Agents who interviewed Flynn did not think he was lying to them. Oops!

So here’s the deal. Flynn unexpectedly pleaded GUILTY instead of going to trial. Now they’re caught. Because RIGHT AFTER FLYNN MAKES HIS PLEA…. all this STUFF about Strzok starts being made public by the IG & by Congress. The first batch of Strzok/Page texts are released.

The key agent central to the whole perjury plot to get Flynn is being EXPOSED in front of the entire country. The public spends seven months learning all about Peter Strozk, his biases, his part in creating the ‘insurance policy’ against a Trump presidency.

Too late the Mueller team figures out Horowitz is on their trail. He has everything. Emails, text messages, the official records, the 302’s all of it. They are literally paralyzed. They have to shut down. They cannot proceed.

Their Flynn case is in limbo. Until they know exactly what Horowitz & John Huber are holding on Strzok and Page and Judge Contreras, they literally cannot go forward.

If they proceed to set a sentencing date, and THEN it comes out Strzok altered his 302 forms and the other agent at the interview, Joe Pientka, testifies before Congress Flynn did not lie, Strzok’s 302 is not accurate, the entire Mueller team is in huge honking trouble.

So they can’t go forward. The first date arrived, they asked for a 90 day delay. It was granted. That date arrived, they asked for ANOTHER 90 day delay. That too was granted. Then when that date arrived, they asked for 60 more days. The judge is not pleased.

So on the 10th, this Tuesday, the Mueller team is going to have to go in front of Judge Emmit Sullivan and explain at length why, after 180 days of waiting, they need another 60 days before Flynn can receive his sentence for the crime he pleaded guilty to.

Only the most blatant political partisans would refuse to admit, given what is now known about this case, that Flynn’s prosecution should never have happened. It was 100% politically motivated and it was a manufactured crime.

Stzok is slated to publicly testify before Congress on July 12th. That’s this coming Thursday. You can bet he’s going to be asked about his interview of Flynn, his 302 form, his text messages with Lisa Page about influencing Judge Contreras but in a way it won’t cause recusal.

Trump still in danger of being toppled by a coup? Only in Fantasy Land. In the real world all the plotters are scrambling to avoid being indicted. They are obsessed with saving their own asses at this point. Many will end up in prison anyway.

Mueller’s team has contented itself with uncovering minor crimes by peripheral people like Manafort, Gates and Cohen, money laundering, tax evasion, illegal lobbying for foreign clients, etc etc. They haven’t laid a finger on Trump and they’re not going to.

So you can worry about the attempted coup that was blown up and exposed long ago, and the paralyzed/ineffective special counsel team it launched that is now uselessly spinning it’s wheels, stuck in place.

I don’t worry about it.

source post via R3publicans