For over a year now Donald J. Trump has been our president. He stated during the campaign and at the inauguration that he would “Drain The Swamp”. For a long time I doubted that this could possibly be happening. Although I understood the New World Order and Deep State was in charge, I just doubted that Donald Trump was actually “Draining The Swamp” and taking that away from the globalist. Well if you keep informed with what is happening in this world by watching the Main Stream Media, you are woefully misinformed. There are many people in the alternate media that are informing the populous with much more truthful unfiltered news than you will get from ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCFOX. Yes even FOX, however FOX is getting closer to the truth than the others. Come and listen/watch Dave Janda being interviewed by Greg Hunter to find out the real scoop of what is happening behind the scenes. This will give you evidence and hope that what Donald Trump said he would do, is being done.

summary via R3publican