What I am going to show you in this three part series are “two sides to the same coin”. It’s called Operation Mockingbird and it has been going on for quite some time. This first one shows that Operation_Mockingbird is still in in full force and attempting to manipulate our minds. If you are on the left or are on the right you aren’t immune, they just use different methods which often cause division, anger, and strife between the different factions in our country. This in turn keeps us “peons” angry at each other and not focused on the real culprits.

Below is the beginning of the article from The Free Thought Project.

FBI agents conducting undercover investigations have now been given the green light to impersonate journalists, the Justice Department determined last week — effectively legalizing the government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird.

Last Thursday, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General published what’s become the subject of outrage for journalists, civil and constitutional rights advocates, and legal experts  — “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation of a Journalist in a Criminal Investigation.”

Allowing agents to infiltrate media organizations for any reason threatens to utterly undermine public trust, kill the very concept of journalistic integrity, and throttle the flow of information from sources and whistleblowers concerned with the legitimacy of journalists they contact.

Article from Free Thought Project September 2016 http://thefreethoughtproject.com/fbi-impersonate-media-mockingbird/

summary via R3publican