Here it is folks – the explanation you’ve all been waiting for the ‘reason’ behind Vegas. Always follow the money and ask Cui Bono? or (who benefits) #morebodyscanners #comingsoon

Here’s an ad from MGM Resorts that came out on September 15th:

Note what the last taglane of the video says. “We are not in the hotel business. We are in the Holy Sh*t Business.” This ad marks the first time in America that a Fortune 500 company has used a “curse” word in an ad, which would be an FCC fine if aired on broadcast television or terrestrial radio. It’s a major coincidence that the first time a Fortune 500 Company used an FCC prohibited word in an ad, just weeks before a major “Holy Sh*t” moment happened at Mandalay Bay. The same ad mentioned “Blowing People’s minds”– again another coincidence, in regards to the largest mass shooting in America. But the ad’s name may have some Conspiracy Theorists unhinged: Welcome to The Show.

summary via R3publican