Neocons Push for 20 Million American Deaths

War with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea would be Mutually Assured Destruction

Wayne Madsen
Sat, Aug 19, 2017

Vasnetsov’s “War of the Apocalypse”

The continuing infestation of America’s body politic by neo-conservatives is resulting in some noted war hawks taking full advantage of President Donald Trump’s lack of a clear-cut US foreign policy to push for something the neo-cons and their Israeli puppet masters have long desired: a two-front war against North Korea and Iran. Although it is well-known among world intelligence agencies that Israel has maintained a quiet role in providing surveillance technology to North Korea, that has not stopped Israel and its propaganda machinery from arguing that if North Korea continues to supply nuclear and missile technology to Iran, both countries qualify as «rogue regimes» worthy of a double-barreled US military attack.


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