Parental rights in Oklahoma preserved for another year!

SB 83 was heard on the Senate floor Thursday and once again, OVHC members filled the seats around the proceedings to witness Senator Yen’s tyrannical bill pass away. The debate was epic! Watch it here.

Big thanks to all the families who came out to fight for parental rights and for the vaccine injured!

We want to give special thanks to Senator Nathan Dahm, Senator Joseph Silk, Senator Joe Newhouse, Senator Ron Sharp, Senator Frank Simpson, Senator Kim David, Senator Dan Newberry, and others who debated in opposition and ALL the senators who voted against discrimination of parents who question, “Can our vaccines be safer?”

Please send them a thank you card!

Parental decisions based on education, life experience, and evaluation don’t need to be questioned. The government asserting itself into the decision by forcing a propaganda video in order to assert these rights is an insult. Parental rights are God given, not government given!

Thanks to all who participated in this process, but it’s not over!

There are still many concerns that we need to address so let the education continue. Don’t stop networking with your legislators!

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Big Pharma wants more liability-free vaccines and control of your body.

They have the money, but we have the passion, love, and power in numbers! Join us on Facebook! We need to keep moving and growing! It’s not over!!!