For Politics and for Survival in Tough Times…

If you have been involved in politics for any length of time whatsoever, you have a vague understanding of what a precinct is and what a county is and that you live in one of each. The precinct is the basic building block of political organization. If you want to have an impact in your area on issues and candidates, you simply must get organized and be a part of a team effort to get information out and make sure the people know when it is important to vote – especially in surprise local special elections and all the ‘little’ bond elections.

Porter Davis has served in office and been a part of our grassroots network for many years. He is a senior statesman among us. He is a visionary and and activist and a believer. He is a gentleman’s gentleman, always gracious and lots of fun, but with a serious side too. He serves on our board for OKGrassroots. He has developed a very special project to help get the grassroots of Oklahoma get better organized and networked together.

Here is the brief overview of the problem, the solution, and the strategy.


The Problem

  • Governments at all levels are gaining more and more control of our daily lives, increasing the regulations, decreasing our civil liberties, and threatening to bankrupt our future.
  • The People have less effective voice in government than ever before.
  • Influencing the Federal Government directly has become nearly impossible, even for large, well organized groups of citizens.



canstock6258318.jpgThe Solution

  • We need to think globally and work locally, starting the work to transform our states into Free States.
  • The non-partisan, Precinct Town Meeting, and the resulting precinct organizations, are the missing link between the People and their elected representatives.
  • It has been done before. Alexis de Tocqueville identified the town meeting as the foundation of the American Representative Republic.
  • All we need is 3% of the voters to be fully awake, and motivated to get involved to enact major change.



The Strategy

  • The path to freedom lies in repeal of restrictive laws, and legislation that protects freedom. The best way to achieve this today is through a major political party.
  • The GOP is the majority party in Oklahoma, and growing. They offer the quickest and easiest way to achieve our goal. Work through the Democratic Party can also be effective, but they are in a distinct, declining miniority in Oklahoma.
  • Party leadership at the Precinct, County and State levels will be chosen in 2015. We support candidates pledged to building the precinct structure we talk about.
  • We will provide training and resources to empower grassroots activists to be effective at the local level, effecting state and national politics as well



OK Grassroots ProjectDownload the manual and get organized today if you are not already!  Porter presents a simple plan for restoring accountability in Oklahoma Government.  We hope to link to county leaders and precinct leaders from this project on OKGrassroots.  We hope that you will get involved in the party of your choice and be a precinct leader there too.  If you are the point of information for things going on in your neighborhood, you will be the precinct leader.  Here is an article Sandra Crosnoe wrote on the topic relative to Republican party strategy in 2007 called “Mirroring the Republican Party.”  Today we call it “Being the Republican Party.”  You can read Mirroring to Being the Republican Party here >>>

If you want to be listed as a contact for your area please drop us a note via Contact Us and let us know your precinct number and your county.  Be sure to provide an email and/or a phone number along with your precinct number and county information.  If you don’t know what precinct you are in use the precinct locator tool which is a top tab and also precinct locator tool here >>>

[Editor’s Note:  This project is important not only for political networking but for survival in tough times too.  It is important to know your neighbors and be a part of the solution whatever lies ahead!/sc]