JC Watts on Rand Paul
Original pic lost/video substituted JC Watts on Rand Paul

  OKGOP Chairman, Randy Brogdon, told the State Committee on Saturday that he received a recent call and offer from presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Rand stated his desire to help the OKGOP with a planned fundraiser event. The date and venue are yet to be announced, but many expect it to occur within the next few months. Former Oklahoma Congressman, JC Watts could possibly join him.

  Rand Paul opted out of the SRLC event and he has been very selective in his participation at the weekly ‘multi-candidate’ forums that have become a cottage industry.  Some candidates rely on these photo ops because they need the built-in crowds and infrastructure. But some candidates have taken more time to build their own campaign structures and would rather not help create a crowd at a forum, for lessers to pitch to.

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