Engle - The Last American PresidentEngle in Bartlesville with New Book “The Last American President” 

R3publicans in conjunction with Oklahoma Grassroots is pleased to have author, Richard Engle coming to Bartlesville to discuss his new book.  It is fiction, but could become reality — only time will tell.  He weaves history in with current events and his personal knowledge of the political arena to unfold the story.

Rachel Tapp said, “I read it and loved it. Not many books make me laugh and bawl, but  ‘The Last American President’ did.”

The book was labeled a “must read” recently by the Tulsa Beacon.

May 28th – Bartlesville Public Library 6-8PM 

Richard Engle will speak on the topic of “Can the American Empire Survive?” at the Bartlesville Public Library (600 S Johnstone Ave —second floor room) on May 28th 6-8p.  There will be Q&A and books available.

May 28/29th – Hastings Entertainment & Book Store

Engle will also be at the Hastings Entertainment & Book Store (3005 E Frank Phillips Blvd) with book signing opportunities there as well on May 28th 2-4p & May 29th 10-12noon.

All events are free and open to public.