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Last weekend Rand Paul won his third consecutive CPAC straw poll, CPAC is considered the largest and most important annual GOP conference, with over 11,000 attending this year. This victory marks the continued advancement of our movement and sets the stage for Rand’s presidential campaign to claim the White House and move us closer to liberty. Support for Rand Paul is in full swing. You can join the conversation here:

Rand Paul speech at CPAC:

Efforts are already underway to plan fundraising events, with a money bomb set for Tax Day, April 15. You can join in the planning and promotion here:!-April-15th!

Facebook Event:

Advancing liberty is more important than one election, however, and all liberty supporters should be setting plans and gearing up for the coming election season, considering questions like these:

How much will you focus on the presidential election vs. more local races in 2016?

Are there any strong, up-and-coming congressional candidates worth supporting?

Will you work to be a national delegate for your district?

Have you networked with other liberty supporters in your district to build a local plan?

Beyond being a delegate, what actions will have the best payback for supporting a presidential candidate, such as Rand Paul?

Are you working to become an expert in some area that is of value to advancing liberty?

Join the discussion, here:

You can keep track of the best ways to stay involved with our Top Activist Efforts list:

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==== Site & Member News ====

We recently completed a forum restructuring that allows us to better focus on our objectives. We hope you like it:

Site member Gage Skidmore has been busy photographing the liberty movement including the recent CPAC. Here are some of his latest sets:

After winning his New Hampshire House Seat, site member Shem Kellogg has been busy acclimating to life in office. We look forward to his reports and good votes:

==== In Case You Missed It…  ====

The FCC recently voted to assume stronger control over the internet. See what Ron Paul and others think about the issue:

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