Photo credit to Frank Martinez on Facebook
Photo credit to Frank Martinez on Facebook

This article is very much food for thought. As first I thought the BLM versus Rancher Bundy was a pretty simple and straightforward story. It is turning out that it is any thing but. Embedded in this story, elements of: Senate corruption; land grab on behalf of Chinese company; Agenda 21; false desert tortoise claims by govt; Senator orders alteration of boundaries to benefit one of his contributors; govt euthanizing the same tortoises that they say are endangered; a move to force humans from remote areas into densely packed cities; and more.

Sounds like the makings of a good movie. Wonder who would play Rancher Bundy? Russell Crowe or Mel Gibson would be a couple of good choices.

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Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publican

Hat tip to my friend in Texas for the link!

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Most of us have heard something about a confrontation in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and a cattleman named Bundy. Below is a link of a video of a confrontation between BLM agents and protestors supporting Bundy.

Here’s the on-scene video, taken 4/10/14, around 2 p.m.::
Here’s a written report: