ROPE Board all three of us in front of building smiling
Jenni White, Tracy Lynn Habluetzel, and Julia Seay at the Oklahoma State Capitol

Last week in a newsletter from R.O.P.E.  Jenni White said, “I have to say I’m surprised to be telling you this, but after nearly a week of work, HB3399 will be heard in the Senate Education Committee by Senator John Ford on Monday, March 24!”

You can find the link to the bill here and a direct PDF version
here. Please read it when you have a second. All the underline language is NEW language and all the strike-through language is being taken out.

Jenni went on to say, “The bill is very long because everywhere the words “Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS)” were written, they had to be stricken through. The only parts of the bill with which you are really concerned begin on page 17 and go through page 24.”

Then a press release was issued by the Senate about the bill. Interestingly, another press release was issued not far behind, by Governor Mary Fallin.

And suddenly the Senate Education Committee is HEARING THE BILL!  More than that the committee passed the bill out of committee by a vote of 11 to 0!

H/T to Joy Molina Collins for great graphics and constant updates and to all the groups and leaders and people and educators and children who made their voices heard and reminded those in OKC that education is best kept under local control.

Now let’s follow this through and make sure the bill is passed on the floor! Because…

Common Core is NOT ok

More info via Truth in American Education here:

Oklahoma on the Verge of Stopping Common Core Implementation

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans