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I used to like Karl Rove. I thought he was an astute political analyst and strategist, and I thought he was on the “right” side of almost all issues. I even liked his little white board analyses. What’s more, the Left despised anddemonized him.  What higher recommendation could there be?

Then Rove promoted Mitt Romney as “Mr. Most Electable”, and his analyses predicted virtually certain victory. Ever since Romney lost, Rove has been sounding more and more like a desperate used car salesman. Was he, I wondered, just another old establishment Republican, ignoring conservatives and/or taking them for granted?

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Karl Rove Justifies Back-Stabbing of Ted Cruz

Published on Sep 23, 2013

On Fox News Sunday, Sept 22, 2013, Karl Rove enthusiastically justifies the GOP back-stabbing of Ted Cruz.

Editor’s Note:  I rode the elevator with Karl Rove at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012.  I was a lowly alternate delegate and he clearly had access to wherever he wanted to go.  We looked at each other and neither of us said a word, but a flood of memories came back from encounters in Texas battling the Bush boys in the early days in years gone by.  We won in the Reagan years but not much since.  They tried to own the word conservative through the years, but as you can see  now that is only true for those with their eyes wide shut.  The tide is turning.

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