I, Pencil — the movie


Based on an essay by Leonard E. Read, ‘I, Pencil’ is an inspiring short film that illustrates the complex, organic, and at times beautiful creative energy of a free market.  Sit back, trace the ancestry of a simple pencil as it is being created, and learn why it is said that there is not a man alive who knows how to make one.

You may be surprised to find out how little you really know about what you imagined you could design. (via The Libertarian)

Published on Nov 14, 2012

A film from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, adapted from the 1958 essay by Leonard E. Read. For more about I, Pencil, visit http://www.ipencilmovie.org

Over 296,000 views at time of posting.

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans


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