Thanks to OK R3s for OK-SAFE Moneybomb Donation!

R3publican Newsletter Alert June for OK-SAFE MoneybombThank you for your recent donation to OK-SAFE, Inc.
As a People we are facing many threats to our Freedom and Sovereignty, as a State and as a Nation. Forces are busy working to rob Oklahomans of a financial and economic future and assisting the Federal government in stripping us of our sovereignty and freedoms. The Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare,” is just such a threat. Oklahoma’s legislature is and has been orchestrating a piece-by-piece implementation of the infrastructure to make ObamaCare a reality.
Action must be taken now to expose the all-out assault on our State and Federal Constitutions.
OK-SAFE, Inc. is a grassroots organization that neither makes nor sells a product or service; we work only to secure our God-given Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Our effort includes lobbying the Oklahoma Legislature on behalf of the People and we seek to educate and rally both the Citizenry and Legislators to Freedom’s cause.
Your financial contribution helps us in these efforts. We are grateful for your support.
In Liberty’s cause,
The Board of OK-SAFE, Inc.
[Editor’s note:  It is never too late to give to a great group doing phenomenal work; so if you forgot to give on July 4th do so now >>>here and consider making a monthly contribution ongoing.  Thanks!/sc]

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