Press Release and Official Announcement For Immediate Release 

Oklahoma R3publicans Endorse

Amanda Teegarden

for Oklahoma GOP State Chair

R3publicans – Republicans Restoring the Republic (R3s) is a purely grassroots group that formed in 2008 with a mission to Restore, Reenergize, and Reignite the Republican Party. We advocate for a limited Constitutional government that protects life, liberty, and property. We support sound money and balanced budgets through reductions in government spending rather than revenue generating schemes, and personal responsibility. We believe that less government will result in more personal freedom, peace, and prosperity. Now more than ever we recognize that we are at a crossroads not only as a party, but also as a nation.

Understanding Agenda 21 Tulsa 2013

Several years ago we met Amanda Teegarden who serves as the Executive Director of OK-SAFE, a group made up of individuals and coalition groups dedicated to the Principles of American Free Enterprise and the Constitutional Sovereignty of Oklahoma and the United States of America. As we worked together on projects targeting certain legislation, we were consistently impressed by Amanda’s coalition building skills, her dedication to principle, and her adherence to the stated and agreed upon goal(s).

Amanda has successfully protected the integrity of her own organization as well as the groups with which she has worked – skills absolutely necessary for a large operation like the Republican Party of Oklahoma. In addition to conducting the business of OK-SAFE with great fiscal integrity, Amanda also presents herself professionally with humility, style, and grace. She gives projects her time, her talent, and her prayers. She is a passionate and articulate spokesperson.

OKGOP AT transparent bkgndR3publicans is pleased that Amanda Teegarden has made the decision to seek the position of Oklahoma Republican Party State Chair. We believe that she is indeed the most qualified person for the job and we give her our enthusiastic endorsement.

Please join us in electing Amanda Teegarden April 20th in Oklahoma City. If you are a delegate, please make plans now to attend. We have lots of work to do in our precincts, our cities, our counties, and our state. With Amanda at the helm we are confident that together we Republicans will have an opportunity to Restore our Republic.

For Life and Liberty

Sandra Crosnoe   Porter Davis   Joanna Francisco   Ryan Underwood

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