OK R3s Congratulate Jim Bridenstine on his primary win in CD01; Dahm and Key will have run-off races; Anthony wins big

Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations to Jim Bridenstine for defeating long-time Congressman John Sullivan in the Republican primary.  The beginning of the end for Sullivan was his bailout vote several years ago.

Source and more vote results here >>>

Fellow R3s (Republicans Restoring the Republic) Nathan Dahm (for State Senate District 33) and Charles Key (for County Clerk in OKC) will both face run-off races.  Vote totals are pending as of this post.  Prepare now for a full court press on both of these races!

Bob Anthony won his race by a significant margin and we are very pleased to offer him our congratulations as well.  Related post here >>>

Many people worked many hours to walk blocks and deliver flyers.  Thanks to all who did so!  We are firm in our resolve to restore the republic; we will  never grow weary in doing good and standing firm for life, for liberty, and for a lot less government along the way.

In Bartlesville, all the bonds on the ballot, totaling slightly over $15M, passed.  Clearly we have some work to do to educate our city leaders about living within our means.  I am not sure whether it is more upsetting that city leaders asked for more money or that the voters agreed to it.  Much easier to vote yes to spend money today than it will be to pay your property taxes when you are in retirement on fixed income.  Related article here >>>   downloadable pdf file here

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans


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