Bob Anthony deserves another term

Bob Anthony says he’s running for reelection because he thinks Oklahoma needs a fighter to stand up for us at the Corporation Commission and beyond.  He’s right!

You probably remember how Anthony worked with the FBI to clean up the corruption at the commission, sending a fellow commissioner and a utility attorney to prison for bribery.  He doesn’t just talk about honesty and integrity in government; he embodies it.

Oklahomans may also remember the family-owned business he ran for several years – Anthonys clothing stores – at one time the largest privately held company headquartered in the state.  Anthony believes in fiscal responsibility and the private sector.  As a commissioner, he’s worked to get government out of the way of market forces in telephone service, trucking and natural gas delivery.  His extensive business background enables him to ask tough questions and hold utility companies accountable, fighting for consumers and low utility rates.

We all know the Federal government continues to threaten state sovereignty, but did you know that includes the jurisdiction of the Corporation Commission?  Anthony has been fighting for Oklahoma there as well.  To bring us into compliance with the Clean Air Act, the EPA wants to require multi-billion dollar scrubbers for Oklahoma’s electric generation plants that could cause our electricity rates to skyrocket.  Anthony has fought for a State Implementation Plan, rather than the Federal Implementation Plan that would cost Oklahoma jobs.

He is also working nationally to oppose overreaching by Congress and the EPA as they seek to take over state regulation of oil and gas, especially attempts to restrict the use of the advanced drilling technologies that Oklahoma has proven can be used safely.  The only statewide elected official with military service, Anthony believes passionately that America must continue its recent progress toward greater energy independence.  He has mentored commissioners in other states and spoken out against federal interference in domestic energy production – like what is happening to the Keystone Pipeline project.

In short, Anthony deserves another term at the Corporation Commission.  He has worked hard, demonstrated independence, given fair hearings and stood up for what’s right, regardless of the politics.  Wish we had more like him.

You can follow Anthony’s campaign at or

His is the only statewide race on the June 26 Republican Primary ballot, and that election decides the winner, so make sure you give Bob Anthony your  attention and consideration.