Freedom is the genius of American civilization. Other great nations were founded on the power of the State. Ours was born with the Declaration of Independence and the enshrining of the inalienable rights of mankind. This vision lay at the center of Americans’ beliefs. It remains today the root of what we as a people believe. Political debate then, as now, centers upon who has remained most true to this noble vision.

Republicanism was a political outlook centering upon the themes of liberty versus power and civic virtue versus political corruption. The main lesson of republicanism was that a virtuous citizenry preserved its freedom by keeping government within strict constitutional bounds. Corruption and big government went hand in hand, for only government could rig the market in favor of an artificial aristocracy. This is a primal civic lesson our Democratic opponents have lost sight of in their support of oligarchic government, whether by bureaucratic elites in Washington, D. C. or corporatist elites of Wall Street. Barack Obama and his tyrannical regime must go. On this unshakable goal we all agreed as our number one objective.

On Saturday, March 24, Republicans of good character and prudential integrity gathered in our Tulsa County GOP Convention. And although we had our differences in approaching important questions of civic governance and public policy, we united in common fellowship, harmony, and dedication to first principles in having a productive and forthright Convention. Our business there was characterized by transparency and free and open debate. Our common goal was to restore the proud legacy and providential vision of America as that “shining City on a Hill,” dedicated to liberty and justice for all.

I enjoyed my rather uneventful, anti-climatic day at the convention. None of the gloom and doom apocalypse the anti-Ron Paul party regulars predicated in that hysterical unauthorized email they sent out to delegates. Everybody behaved like proper adults with a common purpose — to focus upon and conduct the necessary business at hand. The people I met from my precinct seemed very nice and welcoming, especially one Ron Paul guy who is an independent businessman (just the kind of stable middle class regular guy that defies the RP stereotype so many misinformed people have. And I was astounded by all the RP bumper stickers on cars in the lot coming in to the convention. Very encouraging.”   Charles Burris via email 03/25/12

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Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans & OKGrassroots