As most of you know politics is cyclical and ALL politics is local.  People once involved with this website are extremely busy at present.  You may see an occasional post here but for the most part I would refer you to some other sites to get engaged and stay informed at a more local level.  If you need help plugging in at a local level, send me a note or comment here on this site. Thank you for your prayers, your presence and your encouragement.  Please do all you can for life and liberty in your own city, county, and state.  May God be pleased to bless America once again.

Sandra Crosnoe

Finding Gems and Sharing Them  — my personal blog (I live in the city of Bartlesville in Washington County, Oklahoma)

OKGrassroots — an Oklahoma network

Exposing Health Care Reform — a project of OK-SAFE  (list of policy documents by topical index here>>>)

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Oklahoma Grassroots

Sandra Crosnoe