Jack Hunter writes about the Republican party and Ron Paul:


Before Barack Obama became the biggest big government president in American history, George W. Bush held that title. The Republican Party of Bush nearly doubled the national debt and gave Americans the largest entitlement expansion since Lyndon Johnson. As Sen. Jim DeMint said of that time: “You could accuse Republicans of a lot of things, but you could never convict us of being too conservative!”

Unfortunately, most of the 2012 GOP presidential candidates remain far closer to what Bush’s Republican Party stood for than the constitutional conservatism espoused by Ron Paul. But this is not necessarily true of the party as a whole. Write’s Ed Kilgore at The New Republic:

“The reason Paul has been able to slowly build his base of support in the state is that, on most issues, his views no longer lie outside the mainstream of the party orthodoxy. It’s become one of the great clichés of 2012 that the GOP as a whole has moved significantly in Ron Paul’s direction since his last campaignin 2008, and on domestic issues, it’s largely true. Paul’s endless fulminations about profligate monetary policy and the evil Fed, as well as his draconian prescriptions for a radically smaller federal government, now all sound completely within the conservative mainstream.

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Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans