Okies pick Dr. Paul in Oklahoma GOP Straw Poll Win

Oklahoma Straw Poll Results okgop.com

Ron Paul – 46%
Herman Cain – 25%
Newt Gingrich – 17%
Mitt Romney – 6%
Rick Perry – 3%
Michele Bachmann – 2%
Rick Santorum – 1%
Gary Johnson – less than 1%

Results were announced tonight at a GOP fundraiser event with Herman Cain speaking. The Oklahoma Straw Poll was a fundraiser event crossing over multiple days and permitting a vote with a $5 minimum donation to the Oklahoma GOP. Matt Pinnell is the chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party and hosted the event. The first announcement was made on twitter by Carla N. Wade here and confirmed by people on the ground.  It is now posted on the Oklahoma GOP website. “R3publicans congratulate Dr. Paul and his Oklahoma team for a solid win and for his consistent voice for constitutional limited government and personal responsibility through many years,” said Sandra Crosnoe as she went on to welcome supporters of other candidates to work with us when the time is right. There is room in this grassroots movement for everyone to have a voice. The GOP will continue to grow by leaps and bounds as independents realize that the GOP will welcome them ‘home’. We will need everyone to help limit the size and scope of a big government out of control and crushing the taxpayer under the burden.

Cross posted with Oklahoma Grassroots and Constitutional Liberty Coalition


4 thoughts on “Okies pick Dr. Paul in Oklahoma GOP Straw Poll Win

  1. I believe that Americans are tired of all the WARS and LIES.

    Ron Paul has been speaking TRUTH to POWER for 35 years.

    It is time for this Great Nation to Change Course!

    Please do the right thing…


    Vote for RON PAUL 2012

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  3. Oklahoma educates other states in south.

    That’s a surprise. How did we get so smart so fast ?

    Ron Paul 4 The Long Haul 2012

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