I just donated and here is where we were at about 6PM 11-11-11
MoneyBomb 11.11.11 for Ron Paul early AM

He has served our nation both in uniform and in office
He will bring our Troops home Now
He will insist on limited Constitutional government
Donate 11.11.11 to show your support for Ron Paul and our Troops!


Why are the top three contributors to Ron Paul’s campaign the US Army, US Navy and the US Air Force? Ron Paul receives more military donations than all the other GOP presidential candidates, and President Obama combined. As an air force veteran, Ron Paul not only understands what it means to serve his country, but he also understands the costs of an adventurous foreign policy. Both the blood and treasure of a nation are exhausted in a time of war, and Ron Paul is the only one who has been consistent in his support of a non-interventionist foreign policy for decades.On November 11, 2011, thousands of average Americans, Veterans and military all across the country, will donate to the “Support Them Now” Veterans Day Money Bomb to honor Ron Paul for his service to this nation, as well as his admirable principles that have earned him the title of the “Champion of the Constitution.” It’s time to bring the troops home.

 Donate here:  RonPaul2012.com

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