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Paul cites Bible to make case on monetary policy

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GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is the fifth of six candidates scheduled to speak at tonight’s Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event.  He began by talking about kings.

“We have drifted in the direction of accepting a king in Washington, D.C. and I would like to undermine this,” Paul said. “….We need more family values, more governance by the family, not by the United States Government.”  The crowd applauded that declaration.

Paul quoted from I Timothy 5:8, where it says anyone who doesn’t care for his own family has denied the faith and “is worse than an unbeliever.”

“There are dozens of quotations in the Bible telling us we should have honest money.” Paul said.

When asked (as all the other candidates have been) about “abortion on demand” and traditional marriage, Paul said: “Traditional marriage is obviously between a man and a woman and I have supported the Defense of Marriage Act.”

“…As an OB doctor, I know when life begins.”  Paul also touted his “We the People Act” which he has filed in congress to remove the jurisdiction on “all these issues from the federal courts.”

“I know it’s tempting to wait for the courts to be changed and the amendment to be passed, but it’s taking too long,” Paul said.

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