Obi-Ron Pic Compliments of Rich Grise

Recently one of the media pics that was less than flattering of Ron Paul was used on one of our posts because we pick up feeds as they go out and post on other sites in our network on occasion. One of our readers suggested this one and I thought that I would take this opportunity to share it with everyone. I am quite a star wars fan and a student of scripture. I especially love this one because it brings many things into focus for me. I know that Rich doesn’t share my love of scripture as truth yet, but we definitely agree on Ron Paul and that he is the man who can best lead us out of this fine mess we have gotten ourselves into over the years.  A mess we ourselves created by spending more than we have on things we don’t need for people who don’t appreciate it.  Thanks to Rich Grise for this wonderful picture of Ron Paul Jedi Master and Truth Teller for this generation!  

May we be wise enough to make him our President in 2012~

BlackThisOut! This is where we are in the early AM.

Give all you can here today NOW! >>>>


Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans
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3 thoughts on “Obi-Ron Pic Compliments of Rich Grise

  1. I’m so flattered I could almost pop! And I didn’t even use photoshop – just Paint Shop Pro.

    I don’t deny scripture, I simply believe that Free will is congruent with God’s Will.

    The people who bother me are what I call Christians in Name Only – those who drop Jesus’ name when it suits them, then go forth and do practically the opposite of what he was trying to teach.

    I _do_ believe that Jesus was the Prince of Peace – I especially like the Beatitudes, so I’m not anti-religion or an atheist or anything, but I don’t worship Jesus; I think of him more as a brother; after all, aren’t we all the children of God?

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