by Justin Page Wood

Black This Out is the tipping point of a political revolution. It is the artistic and cultural angle that this movement has been missing.

Political arguments are ignored by most people. Society is inundated with other kinds of entertainment and artistic movements. Most of American culture pays attention to movies, celebrities, and music. But, to most people, political arguments are boring, uninteresting, confusing, and annoying.

The Ron Paul Revolution has been predominantly an intellectual movement. People who study Austrian Economics, the history of Currency, the philosophy of personal responsibility, and volunteerism have all been hitting a wall of intellectualism. We’ve made our argument, and at some point we will saturate the market of people who care enough to study history and politics.

Every major political movement needs an opportunity for culture jamming, which is a chance to use a complex philosophical and political argument, and greatly condense it into a spontaneous and decentralized artistic and cultural movement.

Those who are uninspired and turned off by political jargon can still become passionate about the arts and by culture. It’s time to take what Ron Paul and the Libertarian school of thought has done, and turn it into a form of artistic expression.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who is polling strongly in third place among a contest of eight or nine strong candidates, has been greatly ignored in proportion to most of his contenders. But his message is the strongest, his supporters are the most stubborn, and his integrity is by far the most respectable of any politician in the last several decades. Mainstream media is clearly and continuously misrepresenting, ignoring, and disrespecting the objective facts: Ron Paul is a substantially viable candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Black This Out is the perfect opportunity for a cultural and political revolution. It started out as a simple concept for the usual moneybomb – an event designed to raise as much money for Ron Paul in a single day.

But the simple act of raising money and trying to get attention from Mainstream Media from a moneybomb is such an inconsequential and irrelevant tidbit. The fact of raising $6 million, or even $60 million in one day, is a very insignificant contribution to political history. After all, it’s only money.

But what is significant is the cultural revolution, that not only pervades politics, but shifts cultural and artistic thinking. It pervades the very nature of a society.

Black This Out should not just be a moneybomb event. Nor should it only be an opportunity to put a black bar over your face to get attention on Facebook. It’s an artistic, grassroots, independent, decentralized movement of philosophical thinkers that shift the culture into a new direction – even on those who will never vote in their life time.

Ron Paul supporters are the only group of people in this country that have enough drive, enough vision, enough intelligence, and enough purpose to truly change the course of history, and start a cultural revolution – not just a political revolution.

With this, each of us should become an artist of their own accord. Black This Out is significant because it requires the unique participation of every individual, in their own unique way. And each individual contributes to the entire collection of the movement. Ideas will build on other ideas. And soon we will have an impressive collection of cultural substance. And within less than four days, we’ve already begun a massive movement that will exponentially grow.

I started Ron Paul Designs for a solitary purpose: to improve the discourse of presentation and design into this presidential campaign. I’ve argued that in order to win this election, we must dominate and master every aspect of a campaign, including design and marketing. Now it’s time to develop a revolutionary cultural and artistic movement as one of the final pieces to turn this into the prevailing way of thinking and dominate the way society believes in the nature of government and of self.

So go ahead. Black THIS out.

28 September 2011 . Justin Page Wood

originally posted here by Justin Page Wood

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