Here’s the headline: Poll: Romney leads New Hampshire, Huntsman in third, Perry in fourth

May be a new way to count, until “he who must not be named” is first, then we’ll probably have to adjust to a slightly different gameplan.

Here’s a snapshot of the post in yahoo news:

Mitt Romney still holds a commanding lead in New Hampshire, a state where Perry has barely broken through, according to a poll released Thursday.
The Suffolk University/7News poll found Romney leading with 41 percent of the vote from independents and Republicans. His closest competition is Ron Paul, with 14 percent, followed by Jon Huntsman with an uncharacteristically high 10 percent. Perry, who has topped most national polls since announcing his candidacy, does not even break double digits, getting just 8 percent of the primary vote.

Romney continues to have high popularity in the state, with 69 percent saying they hold a favorable opinion of him and just 20 percent saying they hold an unfavorable opinion. Voters are still much more ambiguous when it comes to Huntsman: Twenty-six percent say they have a favorable opinion of him, and 24 percent hold an unfavorable one. Another 24 percent have never heard of him, and 26 percent have yet to form an opinion.

More of the story here (but only one sentence in entire article about he who must not be named in second place Ron Paul) >>>

We can talk about First and Third and Fourth, but only one sentence in entire article about “he who must not be named in second place Ron Paul”. Could it be that the people really do have a champion who can stand up to the MSM? Is there one candidate who will tell us the truth? Will we be able to see beyond the media spin and do something about actually reducing the size and scope of government? I pray so…

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for R3publicans